Know More About The Many Leather Jacket Styles

Leather jackets have been there since the first world war, especially popular among the German pilots to hide their military uniforms. Today we have many styles that are in the market; you can include in your closet. The market has ever since been flooded with many leather jackets, here are some of the high fashion ones that you can opt for.

The biker jackets, be ready to make them part of your collection. Considered to be the ultimate bad boy jacket for anyone who wants to embrace their inner bad boy. Most common worn jackets and they are either made of cowhide, horsehide or goatskin. They are not only for men, women can also embrace this style. Can go with anything, cause of its style, jeans or anything.

The bomber leather jacket style is also one that you need to know. This one has been around in the army as early as 1917. Very unique leather jacket, for the punk movement and also very famous among the gay communities. It has evolved a lot more over the years. Its mostly perfect for a more casual look, with the jeans on and at the shirt you are fly. One of the famous styles you can actually include in your closet.

Ever heard of the field jacket. Part of the classic military menswear. Initially it was made of cotton material, but now its leather made. It is longer than the other styles that we have mentioned above. It has unique features that make it very distinctive from the rest, the front pockets, the hidden pockets, and a belted waist. Considered perfect for men living in areas of milder winters.

Additionally, the racer jacket. A product of the horsehide and were commonly designed to protect the racers. If you ever want one then consider buying the full grain leather jacket, for this kind of style. Its perfect for any outfit, be it jeans and the rubbers.

Flight jackets also make their way into the top coveted positions. Designed for pilots. They are a lot bulkier than the other styles, for extra warmth. They can be worn by almost anyone but will be forever the jacket of the airmen. Feeling cold, put them on, get heated a little bit. Have you heard of the leather blazer, probably not, let’s talk about it. Cool for a more formal look to the office. Its lighter leather, with jeans and your converse you can rock too. Get them in a longer style too.