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Bail Bond Agency

When you get arrested, you are entitled to a hearing before you can be officially convicted of a crime. You are usually assigned a hearing date, which usually takes a while. Bail provides an option where you get to be situated out of jail as you await your hearing. For this to be possible, you need to issue a bond. This is basically an amount of money that you pay to act as collateral to make sure that the defendant will show up in court during their trial. However, there are times when the bond is set at a very high price such that it can be difficult to raise that amount of money. Also, if you are paying bail for someone, it can be hard to trust that they will pay you back eventually. This is where a bail bond agency comes into play. This is an agency that will provide a set amount of money or property to act as bail for the defendant so that they can be released before their trial date. Here is an overview of the services provided by a bail bond agency and the benefits that they offer.

Types of Bonds Provided by a Bail Bond Agency

General Bail Bond Agency

This type of bond is given by an agency that has been given the license to do so by the government of the state. They have the authority to bail defendants who are yet to face trial as a as a result of a wide range of crimes. This can be anything from driving citations up to a capital murder offence. Typically, they take a percentage of the bail money which acts as the hiring fee. Depending on the law of the state, the percentage can vary between ten to twenty percent.

Federal Bail Bond Agency

When it comes to federal crimes, we have federal bond agencies. Most of the times, they ask for a higher fee than that of typical surety bonds. This is because they provide assurance that the defendant will adhere to all trial conditions, on top of being present on their trial date. For this reason, there are not many bail bond agencies that provide this type of bond. This is due to the risk that is involved with the same.

Immigration Bonds

One usually needs official permission to live in a forein country. If this is not adhered to, the accused may end up being detained in a detention facility by the Immigrations and Customs enforcement. In such a case, the defendant may get an immigration bond. This will help them secure a release from detention as they await trial in court. This presents even a higher risk as the defendant can make a run for it. As a result, the fee is much higher.

Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bond Agency

The most obvious benefit of hiring a bail bond agency is that your loved one gets to go home instead of being held in custody. Also, you get to protect your money and assets safe because you will not have to put them on the line as collateral for your release. Hiring a bail bond aency will also reduce the strain on your family both financially and emotionally.

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