Dissimilarities between Sativa and Indica Marijuana

Marijuana has gained popularity in recent years, and a lot of people are now using it together with its products. Something ought to be brought out is that marijuana can differ as to when it comes to the strains that they have. These are the indica and sativa strains, you need to read this page to understand the significant differences between the two marijuana strains.

You get to understand that the indica plant is different from the sativa one since here there are broad leaves and the plant tends to be shorter in height. Since the indica plant originates from India, it has the above mentioned features. India is a Latin name for the small subcontinent, and because here is where the plant is mainly grown, it got the name indica.

On the other hand, you will discover that for the sativa plant, it goes high in height more than the indica one. Unlike the indica plants, you will note that the leaves of the sativa plant tend to spilled and be apart. The leaves are never thick, and also the spaces separating them are large. Their growing time is longer than the one taken by the indica plant. The main reason for this is that the plants are grown in areas that are around the equator like central America.

Third, the differences between indica and sativa marijuana lies in the levels of concentration of THC and CBD. However different some people perceive about the content make up of these strains, there are variances in their constituent compositions. The application of marijuana as a medicine is attributed to its CBD concentration while the THC makeup influences psycho activeness to those who use the strains. The indica strain has a higher content for CBD than THC while the reverse is the case for the sativa marijuana strain.

Even though some individuals believe that the use of either indica and sativa marijuana strain results in similar effects, there are disparities in the consequences of using each of them. Several strains of marijuana are responsible for induced relaxation, drowsiness, a joyful feeling, and high appetite levels. Night times are the best for the application of the indica marijuana strain, and this advice is attributed to its influences when used. Applicable during daytimes is the sativa marijuana strain since its consequences includes activeness and higher creativity levels hence is considered a solution for depression. Sativa strain also acts as a pain depressant. You need to be aware that you can enjoy the combined effects of both the sativa and the indica strains as its possible to make a hybrid.